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Agencies, Why Use Team App Advertising?

It's Advertising in Apps Made Easy

With the explosion of the Smartphone, Mobile Advertising is becoming an extremely powerful channel for brands to find potential customers. Team App is offering a unique opportunity where companies (with any budget) can easily tailor a campaign to target the demographic of their choice. With 200+ sports in over 100 countries now using Team App for their communication, Team App offers anyone wanting to target grass roots sports a great avenue to do so.

See the pricing page for more information on costs. Once you have an account Team App has simple to follow statistics that will help you highlight and optimize your ad spend.

If you have clients that are looking to target grass roots sports sign up and speak to Team App Advertising about affiliate commissions.

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  • Powerful 2902709d5797353003a745570a4555c05bcba22f0fa89006906b9fe7b5bde336

    Powerful ad filters

    Precisely target your ads.

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    Intelligent reporting

    Easy to optimize your ads.

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    Immediate results

    See results right away.

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    Up and running in 3 mins.

    So easy to use, you're done in no time.

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